Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to I start my own MUD?
A: You need to select a base platform to use, such as ROM, Circle MUD, MERC, or even MUSH. We are most familiar with ROM based MUDs, but any of standard MUD code should work on our systems just fine. If you'd like to use a ROM base for your MUD, feel free to download this copy of ROM 2.4b6 with the OnLine Creation (OLC) version 2.01 already integrated.

Q: How do I send/receive email?
A: Hosted email is enabled using the POP3 and SMTP protocols. Your email client must support these protocols and also must support specifying the SMTP port to be used.

Incoming Server (POP3): (default port 110)
Outgoing Server (SMTP): (client-auth port 587)

The outgoing SMTP server must be set to require authentication in order to send email. Without this setting, connection to the SMTP server will be refused.

Q: How do I check my disk space quota?
A: Disk space quotas for Gatihnar Gaming clients are set by group and not by user. This makes tracking of disk usage much simpler and more accurate. In order to check the current disk space being used by your account, log into the shell as any of the allowed users on your account and issue the command quota -gs. Please see the example below.

username@skjard:[~] $ quota -gs
Disk quotas for group mud-grp (gid 999):
    Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
     /dev/sdb1 36564  225M  250M        714   0     0
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